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BAC (Briggs Automotive Company) Ltd is the British manufacturer of Mono. With a diverse skill set and a proven track record of meeting key objectives within the automotive industry we are committed to offering a service and ownership experience which exceeds expectations.

Driven by passion, a demanding philosophy and sheer focused hard work, BAC has a comprehensive and coherent strategy to serve as a guide for all its activities. ‘Mono’ is the very embodiment of our approach; purity of design, innovative engineering, zero compromise and ultra-high performance.

The Total Ownership Experience of the BAC Mono is in many ways unparalleled. With Mono, we will introduce owners to a new benchmark in overall satisfaction by virtue of the quality of the product, attitude, and service proffered by our company.

BAC’s team knows each of their customers by name. This is the foundation of an engaging emotional connection to a tribe in which owners are both welcome and feel a custodial sense of pride and involvement.

Mono speaks to the driver that has always wanted a more intimate and visceral connection to the car. Only Mono is the answer to the childhood, teenage, and adult dream of being at the controls of a formula car.

BAC takes your privacy seriously and is committed to handling your personal data in accordance with GDPR. We fully support the rights granted to individuals under GDPR, further details of which can be found at https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/guide-to-the-general-data-protection-regulation-gdpr/individual-rights/ If you wish to discuss how we handle your personal data or you wish to enforce any of these rights then please email us at info@bac-mono.com.